Wine List

Wine List


Wine is taken very seriously at the Ring O Bells. Gone are the days of bad pub wine – oh yes – long gone and we bid them good riddance! 

We work closely with two small wine suppliers. Our house wines predominantly come from The Mendip Bottle a small local specialist supplier. Handford wines in London also provide some of the list and with the help of our friend Dan Keeling have helped us procure an excellent list of White and Red wines and Champagne which will charm and surprise and not cost the earth. We have concentrated on European wines with a bit of a twist, and a few key New World wines as well. There are comprehensive notes with all the key wines that we supply that can give you a good idea of how wonderful they taste.

An example of the wines we carry and prices are below. Please contact the pub directly for the current selection and prices.


White wines

Domaine Paul Buisse – Touraine, France 2011

Touraine is an area of NW France near the famous town of Sancerre in the Loire. It produces beautifully zesty, grassy wines made from Sauvignon Blanc. Happily it differs from Sancerre in that its quality is not so reflected in its price. Fill your boots.

Secateurs – Chenin Blanc, South Africa 2011

“I’ve never met a nice South African” Spitting Image once famously sang on the 1986 hit ‘The Chicken Song’. They obviously hadn’t tried Secateurs brilliant Chenin Blanc 2011 - honeyed on the nose, rich and satisfying on the palate.  Nowadays, some of my best mates are South African.

Little James’ Basket Press – Rhone valley, France 2011

Little James is made by one of Southern France’s hottest properties, Saint Cosme, a wine producer that consistently garners the highest praise. This unusual and memorable wine combines the refreshing acidity of Sauvignon Blanc with the rich opulence of the Viognier grape – a highly unique and drinkable blend that leaves you craving more.

Domaine Simmonet-Febvre – Chablis, France 2010

If you think you don’t like Chardonnay we implore you to try this wonderful wine from the town of Chablis in Northern Burgundy, France. Chablis wines are made exclusively of Chardonnay grapes grown on soils composed of the remains of trillions of sea creatures that have become fossilised over the last few million years.  2010 was an outstanding vintage for these wines, one of the best in the last few decades, and this elegant, chiselled, refined white wine is drinking beautifully right now.

Julien Schaal – Chardonnay Elgin, South Africa 2011

Juilien brought his old-world winemaking to South Africa from France, resulting in some delicious wines. His Chardonnay has Apricots and spice on the nose with a lovely, rounded mouth-feel. Can you taste the stones featured on the label?

Le Dolci Colline – Prosecco Spumante, Italy NV

Italians can’t get enough of their home grown sparkling wines. From near Venice, its pure and fragrant – its delicately sparkling fizz adding a touch of A-list excitement and glamour to even the most ordinary Compton Martin evening. Keep dreaming.


Red Wine

Conviviale – Montepulciano D’Abruzzo, Italy 2010
£4.50 / £6.00 / £18.00

Gutsy, earthy, Italian wine featuring ripe plums and red cherry fruit, a good cross continent accompaniment for our Gloucester Old Spot sausage and mash. Look out for landlords Miles and Matty getting busy on the hunt for the legendary and mysterious lesser spotted Chew Valley Wild Boar – that will be a truly authentic Italian food & wine match made in heaven (Somerset).

Medievo – Rioja, Spain 2009

Rioja at best is a truly inspirational wine but nowadays many mid-market examples tend to be overtly oaked monsters whose consumption of any more than one glass can prove to be far too rich. Our Medievo Rioja sees much less time on the inside of a oak barrel which makes it is much friendlier in its youth - a deliciously fruity versatile everyday drinker that won’t tire the palate.

Chateau Le Tour St Paul  – Bordeaux, France 2010

This wine loves red meat! Bordeaux in 2009 and 2010 produced many stunning wines and this classically styled claret is no exception. Encompassing ripe and juicy berry fruit, this wine represents great value from an area infamous for its exorbitant recent price hikes.

La Petite Perriere – Loire Valley, France 2009

Pinot Noir is arguably the most versatile red grape variety in the world when it comes to food, from fish and chicken to read meat. This elegant medium red from the Loire is great value - hints of violets and vanilla amongst typical earthy Pinot fruit.

Domaine De Saint Ennemond – Brouilly, France 2010

Made with natural techniques from a tiny estate in the town of Brouilly in Beaujolais (Southern Burgundy) this is a simply gorgeous summer red. Rounded and ripe red fruits  – 2010 was a genius vintage across many parts of France – this is an easy drinker equally at home with food or on its own.

Virginie De Thunevin – Bordeaux, France 2009

We were really blown away when we first tasted this wine by its quality to price ratio – it tastes like a wine double its cost. Jean-Luc Thunevin is known by some as ‘the bad boy of Bordeaux’, producing famous and expensive wines from new small estates, rivalling the most established Chateaux. This is a plump, sumptuous, rich, ripe and concentrated claret. In a word - stunning.